The Modeling and Simulation Graduate Program was initiated in 2001-2002 with directions from high university officials to create a multi-disciplinary program. Virtually all Modeling and Simulation graduate programs are part of computer science or engineering departments. Our program is currently drawing classes and faculty from a dozen or more academic units. Given that the field of Modeling and Simulation has grown so rapidly and in so many directions, the decision to make a multi-disciplinary program has proved to be the correct decision. The Program is largely administered by the School of Modeling, Simulation, and Training; and reports to the College of Graduate Studies.

Currently, student enrollment is about 160 students, enrolled in about 4 different academic tracks (Modeling & Simulation Ph.D., Modeling & Simulation M.S., M&S M.S. Professional Science Master’s [P.S.M.] Track, and Modeling & Simulation of Technical Systems Graduate Certificate). As of Spring of 2014, the PhD program has 62 Graduates and the program has award more than 305 degrees. The program was designed as much for work force development as academic excellence, and is one of the 3 major components of the “Center of Excellence in Modeling, Simulation and Training,” in central Florida.

All military services as well as The Department of Defense have agencies located in the UCF Research Park. Contract research and development activity of these military agencies has attracted approximately 220 companies to Central Florida and the economic impact has made the field of Modeling & Simulation a major aspect of economic growth in the area.