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M&S Graduates of 2017

Graduate Program Semester Advisor Dissertation/Thesis Title
Carlos Kavetsky MS Summer Bockelman-Morrow, Patricia Calibrating A System Dynamics Model Within An Integrative Framework to Test Foreign Policy Choices
Eric Ortiz Ph.D. Summer Reinerman-Jones, Lauren Developing an Insider Threat Experimental Environment
Martin Goodwin Ph.D. Spring Reinerman-Jones, Lauren A Training Effectiveness Evaluation of UH-60A/L Simulated Environments: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Jin Chao Lin Ph.D. Spring Matthews, Gerald The Impact of Automation and Stress on Human Performance in UAV Operations


Fall Summer Spring
    Nelson Chandler MS Corey Hendricks GC
    William Eubanks MS Taylor Baker MS
    Angelica Garcia MS Christopher Everett MS
    MaryAnn Hrynko MS Lauren Farrell MS
    Katy Odette MS Corey Hendricks MS
    RachidAit Maalem Lahcen BC Stephen Jones MS
    MaryAnn Hrynko BC Won II Jung MS
    Katy Odette BC Theresa Kessler MS
        Tiffani Marlowe MS
        Matthew Rick MS
        Joseph Wileman MS
        Valarie Yerdon MS

M&S Graduates of 2016

Graduate Program Semester Advisor Dissertation/Thesis Title
Irwin Hudson Ph.D. Fall Reinerman-Jones, Lauren Multi-Dimensional Approach to Predicting Decision-Making Potential
Alan Paris Ph.D. Fall Vosoughi, Azadeh Biophysical Sources of 1/F-Type Noises in Neurological Systems
Javier Rivera Ph.D. Summer Florian, Jentsch Cognitive Flexibility: Using Mental Simulation to Improve Script Adaptation
Ryan Wohleber Ph.D. Spring Matthews, Gerald The Impact of Automation Reliability and Fatigue on Reliance
William Rivera Ph.D. Spring Xanthopoulos, Petros A Priori Synthetic Sampling for Increasing Classification Sensitivity in Imbalanced Data Sets
Oddny Brun MS Fall Wiegand, R. Paul Improved Interpolation in SPH in Cases of Less Smooth Flow
Keith Carlson MS Summer Shuai, Zhisheng Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Diseases with Latency: Homogeneous Mixing and Contact Network
Dylan Morelle MS Spring Kincaid, J. Peter Live Versus Virtual: Cost Benefit Analysis for Applying Simulation Towards Army Aviator Flight Minimums
Michael Mccarthy MS Spring Kincaid, J. Peter The Hammer or the Anvil: Developing Operational Adaptability through Simulations at the Tactical Level
Larry Baca MS Spring Proctor, Michael Analysis of Alternative Convoy Route Patrol Procedures for Countering Improvised Explosive Devices Deployed During Asymmetric Warfare in Afghanistan-Like Rural Settings
Fall Summer Spring
Carrie Crossley MS Kelsey Binniger MS Jacques Demezier MS
G. Anthony Delamarter MS Amit Goel MS David Garcia MS
Shan Lakhmani MS Mark Varvak MS Danielle Julian MS
Kurt Lorenz MS William Eubanks MS Thomas Kehr MS
Alexia Mandeville MS     Cintya Larios  
Charles ODell MS     Eric Lukas MS
Skilan Ortiz MS     Rachel Maniqault MS
Sean Osmond MS     Tommy Miles MS
Samantha Warta MS     Jamie Sutanto MS
Katelynn Kapalo GC     Qiuwen Yu MS
Taylor Baker BC     Alexander Tsarev GC
Robert Bolduc BC        
Eric Brittain BC        
Corbin Francis BC        
Daniel Gordon BC        
Adam Hardney BC        
Wesley Milks BC        
Matthew Rick BC        
Chadrick Sine BC        

M&S Graduates of 2015

Graduate Program Semester Advisor Dissertation/Thesis Title
Anastasia Angelopoulou Ph.D. Fall Karwowski, Waldemar A Simulation-Based Task Analysis Tool Using Agent Based, Discrete Event and System Dynamics Simulation
Ryan Kasha Ph.D. Fall Kincaid, J. Peter An Exploratory Comparison of a Traditional and Adaptive Instructional Approach for College Algebra
Konstantinos Mykoniatis Ph.D. Fall Karwowski, Waldemar A Generic Framework For Multi-Method Modeling And Simulation Of Complex Systems Using Discrete Event, System Dynamics And Agent Based Approaches
Alyssa Tanaka Ph.D. Fall Hughes, Charles The Effect of Video Game Play on Robotic Surgery Skill Aquistion
Crystal Maraj Ph.D. Spring Lackey, Stephanie J. Investigating Simulation-Based Pattern Recognition Training for Behavior Cue Detection
Christopher Hollander Ph.D. Spring Wu, Annie S. Information Propagation Algorithms for Consensus Formation in Decentralized Multi-Agent Systems
Edwin Cortes Ph.D. Summer Rabelo, Luis Parallel Discrete Event Simulation Optimization Using Complexity and Deep Learning
Aleshia Hayes Ph.D. Summer Hughes, Charles The Experience of Presence and Social Presence in a Virtual Learning Environment as Impacted by the Affordance of Movement Enabled by Motion Tracking
Kiyoul Kim Ph.D. Summer Gene, Lee H. Design of a Framework to Measure the Degree of Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) Simulation Interoperability
Douglas Maxwell Ph.D. Summer Kincaid, J. Peter Gauging Training Effectiveness of Virtual Environment Simulation Based Applications for an Infantry Soldier Training Task
Carlos Rodriguez Ph.D. Summer Kincaid, J. Peter An Integrated Framework for Automated Data Collection and Processing For Discrete Event Simulation Models
Travis Wiltshire Ph.D. Summer Fiore, Stephen M. Team Interaction Dynamics During Collaborative Problem Solving
Shawn Chu-Quinn MS Spring Kincaid, J. Peter Streaming the Acquistion Process: Systems Analysis for Improving Army Acquistion Corps Officer Managment
Marvin Osbourne MS Summer Mohapatra, Ram The Effect of Precipitation on the Spread of Mosquito-Borne Diseases: A Case Study of Florida Counties


Fall Summer Spring
Karla Badillo-Urquiola MS Ahmad Abualsamid MS Jamie Sutanto GC
Nisha Baral MS Kristian Damkjer MS Claas Tido (CT) Boesser MS
Denise Benkert MS Rene Guerster MS Alexis Dewar MS
Victoria Claypoole MS Chelsea Iwig MS Mark Evans MS
Salam Daher MS Christopher Lackey MS Nicholas Fraulini MS
Chathika Gunaratne MS Richard Osborne MS Jonathan Hurter MS
Katelynn Kapalo MS Marvin Osbourne MS Kevin Leyva MS
Ravi Kiran Kattoju MS Luke Read MS Brian Macon MS
Christine Kreutzer MS William Rivera MS Timothy Martin MS
Justin Linnert MS Esin Soyler MS Alyssa Mercado MS
Leonardo Oyama MS Kimberly Stowers MS Patrick Scanlan MS
Yaser Sendi MS Steven Thompson MS Regan Stevenson MS
Brandon Sollins MS     Ryan Wohleber MS

M&S Graduates of 2014

Graduate Program Semester Advisor Dissertation/Thesis Title
Joseph Fanfarelli Ph.D. Fall McDaniel, Rudy The Effects of Narrative and Achievements on Learning in a 2D Platformer Video Game
Charles Harris Ph.D. Fall Kincaid, J. Peter The Effects of Habitat for Humanity Homeownership on Student Attendance and Standardized Test Scores in Orange County Florida School District
Darin Hughes Ph.D. Spring Vasquez, Eleazar The Design and Evaluation of a Video Game to Help Train Perspective taking and Empathy in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Joseph Mercado Ph.D. Summer Reinerman-Jones, Lauren Assessing the Effectiveness of Workload Measures in the Nuclear Domain
Zia Rehman Ph.D. Summer Kincaid, J. Peter How Many Are Out There? A Novel Approach for Open and Closed Systems
Julie Salcedo Ph.D. Summer Lackey, Stephanie J. Instructional Strategies for Scenario-Based Training of Human Behavior Cue Analysis with Robot-Aided Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance
Jonathan Stevens Ph.D. Summer Kincaid, J. Peter A Program Manager's Dilemma: Measuring the Effect on Performance of Different Visual Modalities in Mixed Reality Aerial Door Gunnery


Fall Summer Spring
Edwin Cortes MS Graham Fleener MS Olga Carballea MS
Zachary Hiwiller MS Joseph Geil MS Henry Glaspie MS
Marco Mayor MS Jeff Gleacher MS Martin Goodwin MS
Chaithanya Renduchintala MS Aleshia Hayes MS Lorena Losada Mastrapa MS
Michael Schwartz MS Jinchao Lin MS Denis Oliva Ramos MS
Michael Sharp MS Douglas Maxwell MS Zia Rehman MS
    Tae Woong Park MS Gladstone Solomon MS
    Jaret Navarro PSM Charles Wainman MS
    Avonie Parchment PSM Ronald Wolff MS
    Justin Linnert GC Jaime Alfaro PSM
        Rizwan Ahmed GC
        Tara Chaidez GC
        Peter Chan GC
        Kenneth Elmer GC
        Jeff Gorsch GC
        Mark Hickox GC
        Robert Howard GC
        Rachel Manigualt GC
        Michael Newman GC
        Daniel Price GC
        Mitchell Pulley GC
        Krystina Snyder GC
        Michol Wenger GC

M&S Graduates of 2013

Graduate Program Semester Advisor Dissertation/Thesis Title
Patricia Morrow Ph.D. Fall Reinerman-Jones, Lauren Neurophenomenological Methods: Experiences of Earth and Space in Simulation
Scott Ososky Ph.D. Fall Jentsch, Florian Influence of Task-Role Mental Models on Human Interpretation of Robot Motion Behavior
Luis Robledo Ph.D. Fall Sepúlveda, José A Dynamic Enrollment Simulation Model For Planning and Decision Making In a University
Julian Abich Ph.D. Summer Reinerman-Jones, Lauren Investigating the Universality and Comprehensive Ability of Measures to Assess the State of Workload
Lillian Campbell-Wynn Ph.D. Summer Proctor, Michael Understanding the Capabilities and Limitations of Advanced Interactive M&S: A Cricothyroidotomy Simulation Case Study
Benjamin Goldberg Ph.D. Summer Cannon-Bowers, Jan Explicit Feedback within Game-Based Training: Examining the Influence of Source Modality Effects on Interaction
Hong Jiang Ph.D. Summer Karwowski, Waldemar A System Dynamics Model for Manpower and Technology Implementation Trade-Off and Cost Estimation
Kristin Schaefer Ph.D. Summer Hancock, Peter The Perception and Measurement of Human-Robot Trust
Ken Westerlund Ph.D. Summer Kincaid, J. Peter Exploration of the Impact of Affective Variables on Human Performance in a Live Simulation
John Barry MS Spring Proctor, Michael Limitations of Micro and Macro Solutions to the Simulation Interoperability Challenge
Edward Lerz MS Spring Proctor, Michael Use of Integrated Training Environments to Sustain Army Warfighting Proficiency in an Era of Constrained Resources: Understanding What's Required to Win the First Battle of the Next Conflict
Jessica Michaelis MS Summer Smither, Janan The Restorative Effects of Color and Environment Type on Cognitive Functioning


Fall Summer Spring
Ryan Hill MS Farhood Basiri MS Amber Alston MS
Irwin Hudson MS Angelo Conner MS John Barry MS
Yew Siang Seet MS John Hart MS Jennie Bottone MS
Yiduo Zhan MS Daniel Hurley MS Daniel Brown MS
    Bello Illiassou MS Thomas Carbone MS
    Jessica Michaelis MS Ashley Hughes MS
    Robert Michlowitz MS Jeremy Joseph MS
    Paul Oppold MS Jennifer Leavens MS
    M Pettitt MS Edward Lerz MS
    Tracy Sanders MS Joy Martinez MS
    Francua Thomas MS Julissa Nunez MS
    Stephanie Woznicki PSM Katelyn Procci MS
        Gregory Sandifer MS
        Asli Soyler Akbas MS
        Alyssa Tanaka MS
        Alex Vershinin MS
        William Weiland MS
        Julia Wright MS

M&S Graduates of 2012

Graduate Program Semester Advisor Dissertation/Thesis Title
Daniel Barber Ph.D. Fall Reinerman-Jones, Lauren Investigation of Tactile Displays for Robot to Human Communication
Justin Key Ph.D. Fall Radwan, Essam Real-Time Open Source Traffic Control Software for the Advance Traffic Controller
Peter Smith Ph.D. Fall Bowers, Clint Cooperative vs Competitive Goals in Educational Video Games
Syed Mohammad Ph.D. Summer Kincaid, J. Peter Application of Modeling and Simulation to Reduce Costs of Acquisition within Triple Constraints
Glenn Martin Ph.D. Spring Hughes, Charles Automatic Scenario Generation using Procedural Modeling Techniques
Michael Rupp MS Summer Smither, Janan Analyzing Action Game Players’ Performance during Distracted Driving
David Poole MS Summer Kincaid, J. Peter A Production and Cost Modeling Methodology of 2nd Generation Bioguel in the United States


Fall Summer Spring
Anastasia Angelopoulou MS Lillian Campbell-Wynn MS Nicholas Arnold MS
Charles Descheneaux MS Joseph Gomez Alvarez MS Malic Dekkar PSM
Lingli Guo MS Hong Jiang MS Holly Drabik MS
Matthew Hackett MS Michael Lada MS Joseph Fanfarelli MS
Jolly Brooks MS John Manus PSM Jose Gregorio MS
Arthur Klauss PSM Laurie Marshall MS Emily Hagan MS
Rebecca Leis MS Johanna Matias MS John Killilea MS
Konstantinos Mykoniatis MS Andrew Mineo PSM Kiyoul Kim MS
Eugenio Rodriguez MS Jack Norfleet MS Natalie Lochner MS
    Sherry Ogreten MS Crystal Maraj MS
    Eric Ortiz MS Jonathan Martin MS
    David Poole MS Patricia Morrow MS
    Michael Rupp MS Keven O'Rourke MS
    Daniel Wilson MS Nicole Palmer MS
        Gregory Pavlichko MS
        William Pike MS
        Jaime Soto MS
        Christopher Wong MS

M&S Graduates of 2011

Graduate Program Semester Advisor Dissertation/Thesis Title
Christine Allen Ph.D. Fall Kincaid, J. Peter Bleeding Control Using Multiple Amputee Trauma Trainer in Medical Simulation: Comparison of Movement Versus Non-Movement in Training
Lucas Blair Ph.D. Fall Bowers, Clint The Use of Video Game Achievements to Enhance Player Performance, Self-Efficacy, and Motivation
Kristy Bradley-Radakovich Ph.D. Fall Kincaid, J. Peter The Effects of Presentation Mode and Pace On Learning Immunology with Computer Simulation: A Cognitive Evaluation of a Multimedia Learning Resource
Richard Calloway Ph.D. Fall Proctor, Michael Homologous Pairing Through Dna Driven Harmonics – A Simulation Investigation
Craig Finch Ph.D. Fall Hickman, J. James Modeling Transport and Protein Adsorption in Microfluidic Systems
Benito Graniela Ortiz Ph.D. Fall Proctor, Michael Harmony: An Architecture for Network Centric Heterogeneous Terrain Database Re-Generation
Tammy Muhs Ph.D. Fall Kincaid, J. Peter Modeling Mass Care Resource Provision Post Hurricane
Joel Palathinkal Ph.D. Fall Kincaid, J. Peter The Effectiveness of Virtual Humans vs. Pre-Recorded Humans in a Standardized Patient Performance Assessment
Omar Thompson Ph.D. Fall Kincaid, J. Peter An Approach to Improve the Failure Rate Model of a Solid State Laser by Utilizing the Physics Of Failure Methodology
Yaela Dahan Ph.D. Spring Proctor, Michael Analysis of the Relationship between the Level of Educational Computer Game Use and Milken Exemplar Teacher Instructional Strategies
Craig Tidwell Ph.D. Spring Reilly, Charles Testing the Impact of Training with Simulated Scenarios for Information Security Awareness on Virtual Community of Practice Members
Paul Varcholik Ph.D. Spring Hughes, Charles Multi-Touch for General-Purpose Computing: An Examination of Text Entry
Iman Elbadramany MS Summer Kaup, David Towards Calibration of Optical Flow of Crowd Videos Using Observed Trajectories


Fall Summer Spring
Norma Caamal PSM Joseph Dalton MS John Elias MS
Chad Farwig PSM Iman Elbadramany MS Tamara Griffith MS
Sushiil Shettigar MS Danielle Holmes MS Robert Larson MS
Steven Ward MS Marcus Monka MS Corina Lechin MS
Michael Weiss MS Julie Salcedo MS Gregory McGowin MS
        Justin Skiles MS
        Joseph Sottilare MS
        Luis Vazquez MS
        Chirstopher Windler MS
        Michael Xynidis MS

M&S Graduates of 2010

Graduate Program Semester Advisor Dissertation/Thesis Title
Ricardo Martins Ph.D. Fall Clarke, Thomas A Wearable Head-Mounted Projection Display
Tracy Atkins Ph.D. Summer Clarke, Thomas Using Modeling and Simulation to Evaluate Disease Control Measures
Jeremy Lanman Ph.D. Summer Proctor, Michael A Governance Reference Model for Service-Oriented Architecture-Based Common Data Initialization: A Case Study of Military Simulation Federation Systems
Henry Truong Ph.D. Summer Lin, Kurt Simulation for commercial driver license third party tester testing
Curtis Conkey Ph.D. Spring Bowers,Clint Machinima and video-based soft skills training
Ravishankar Palaniappan Ph.D. Spring Wahid, Parveen A self-organizing hybrid sensor system with distributed data fusion for intruder tracking and surveillance
Christopher Logan Fiorella MS Fall Shumaker, Randall Text Versus Verbal Real-Time Feedback during Simulation-Based Training of Higher-Order Cognitive Skills


Fall Summer Spring
John Aedo MS Charles Harris MS Julian Abich MS
Bryan Bloss MS Kyle Heyne MS Michael Carney MS
Christopher Fiorella MS William Tettemer MS Benjamin Goldberg MS
Jeremy Flynn MS Omar Thompson MS Monika Gupta MS
Yinghua Hu MS   MS Ryan Mortimer MS
Senglee Koh MS   MS Jessica Ray MS
Morgan Peters MS     Javier Rivera MS
Lingling Sik MS        
Yun Weng MS        
Shiju Zacharia MS        

M&S Graduates of 2009

Graduate Program Semester Advisor Dissertation/Thesis Title
Alpesh Makwana Ph.D. Fall Kincaid, J. Peter Integration of Computer-Based Virtual Check Ride System–Pre-Trip Inspection in Commercial Driver License Training Program
Dustin Chertoff Ph.D. Summer Goldiez, Brian Exploring Additional Factors of Presence
Lee Sciarini Ph.D. Summer Nicholson, Denise Noninvasive Physiological Measures and Workload Transitions: An Investigation of Thresholds Using Multiple Synchronized Sensors
Robert Sottilare Ph.D. Spring Proctor, Michael Using Student Mood and Task Performance to Train Classifier Algorithms to Select Effective Coaching Strategies Within Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS)


Fall Summer Spring
Michael Fox MS Christine Allen MS Luis Bares MS
Xinli Geng MS Liesel Muth MS José De Hoyos MS
Prachi Gosavi MS     Juliana Beatriz Gebrim MS
Ryan Kasha MS     Lance Rasmussen MS
Kristin Oleson MS     Timothy Smoker MS
Aaron Sagan MS     Siddharth Somvanshi MS
Natalie Steinhauser MS     Ken Westerlund MS

M&S Graduates of 2008

Graduate Program Semester Advisor Dissertation/Thesis Title
Teresita Sotomayor Ph.D. Fall Proctor, Michael Evaluting Tactical Combat Casualty Care Trainging Treatments Effects on Combat Medic Trainees in Light of Select Human Descriptive Characteristics
Sarah Schatz Ph.D. Summer Bowers, Clint Trait Arousability and its Impact on Adaptive Multimedia Training
Muazzam Siddiqui Ph.D. Summer Wang, Morgan C. Data Mining Methods for Malware Detection
Linda Upham Ph.D. Summer Sims, Valerie Perception and Displays for Teleoperated Robots
Javier Covelli Ph.D. Spring Rolland, Jannick Field of View Effects on Reflexive Motor Response in Flight Simulation


Fall Summer Spring
Robert Hauser MS Michael Coleman MS Deborah Billings MS
Pankaj Mahajan MS Cory Hicks MS Malita Clarke MS
John Morning MS Matthew Janisz MS Timothy Duggan MS
Andrew Obeng MS Paul Varcholik MS Laura Guay MS
    Timothy Walker MS Amanda (Hafich) Bond MS
    Christopher Walls MS Amanda (Howey) Surprenant MS
        Donald Kemper MS
        Shannon Lewis MS
        Scott Ososky MS
        Craig Porter MS
        James Roberts MS

M&S Graduates of 2007

Graduate Program Semester Advisor Dissertation/Thesis Title
Sivakumar Jaganathan Ph.D. Summer Kincaid, J. Peter On the Incorporation of the Personality Factors into Crowd Simulation
Susan McGill Ph.D. Summer Shumaker, Randall Network Performance Management Using Application-Centric Key Performance Indicators
Victor Paulis Ph.D. Summer Clarke, Thomas The response of a general circulation climate model to high latitude freshwater forcing in the atlantic basin with respect to tropical cyclone-like vortices
Aaron Pepe Ph.D. Summer Sims, Valerie Applying the Appraisal Theory of Emotion to Human-Agent Interaction
Dehzi Liao Ph.D. Spring Kincaid, J. Peter Physically-Based Visualization of Residential Building Damage Process in Hurricane
James Whitmire Ph.D. Spring Kincaid, J. Peter The Effect of In-Vehicle Warning Systems on Driver Response in Work Zones
Carlos Wiley MS Summer Proctor, Michael Assessment of the Contribution of Game-Based Simulation in the Advancement of Individual Soldier Intelligence Gathering Skills


Fall Summer Spring
Jitendrakumar Koshti MS Joseph Lopez MS Theresa Becker MS
Ryan Leitch MS Bobak Manavi-Teherani MS Christopher Hollander MS
Gautami Shirhatti MS Zhengzi Wang MS Ronald Jewett MS
    Carlos Wiley MS Kevin Kelly MS
        Bradley Schricker MS
        Lee Sciarini MS
        Shawn Stafford MS
        Jonathan Stevens MS
        David Sushil MS
        Andrew Wheeler MS

M&S Graduates of 2006

Graduate Program Semester Advisor Dissertation/Thesis Title
Lee Lacy Ph.D. Fall Sepulveda, Jose Interchanging Discrete Event Simulation Process Interaction Models Using the Web Ontology Language - OWL
John Neumann Ph.D. Fall Kincaid, J. Peter Effect of Operator Control Configuration on Unmanned Aerial System Trainability
Alicia Sanchez Ph.D. Fall Cannon-Bowers, Jan Enhancing Vocabulary Acquisition through Synthetic Learning Experiences: Implementing Virtual Field Trips Into Classrooms
Cali Fidopiastis Ph.D. Summer Rolland, Jannick User-Centered Virtual Environment Assessment and Design for Cognitive Rehabilitation Applications
Joshua Lewis Ph.D. Summer Proctor, Michael A Common Component-Based Software Architecture for Military and Commercial PC-Based Virtual Simulation
Sergio Quijada Ph.D. Summer Sepulveda, Jose A Hybrid Simulation Methodology to Evaluate Network Centric Decision Making Under Extreme Events
Mohammad Sepehrifar Ph.D. Summer Ahmad, Ibrahim Modeling and Characterizations of New Notions in Life Testing with Statistical Applications
Deepak Rachapalli MS Spring Rabelo, Luis Using Software Adapter to Connect Legacy Simulation Models to RTI
Robert Sottilare MS Fall Proctor, Michael Using Student Mood and Task Performance to Train Classifier Algorithms to Select Effective Coaching Strategies within Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS)


Fall Summer Spring
Robert Broadway MS Adam Dalton MS Richard Darnell MS
Kamini Gupta MS Nicholas Hughes MS Fleet Davis MS
Darin Hughes MS Sivakumar Jaganathan MS Karen Delos Santos MS
Dezhi Liao MS Michael Mapa MS George Kneuper MS
David Tartaro MS Justin Morgan MS Deepak Kumar Rachapalli MS
Hajime Tomizawa MS Karthikeyan Thiagarajan MS Sarah Schatz MS
        Jason Sims MS
        Peter Terrence MS

M&S Graduates of 2005

Graduate Program Semester Advisor Dissertation/Thesis Title
Bruce Caulkins Ph.D. Fall Wang, Morgan Session-based intrusion detection system to map anomalous network traffic
Roger Hamilton Ph.D. Fall Kincaid, J. Peter Effects of content augmentation strategies in an instructional virtual environment
John Holmquist Ph.D. Spring Lee, Gene Navigation aids in route training: Increase navigation speed, decrease route retention?
Jaebok Park Ph.D. Spring Sepulveda, Jose A framework to model complex systems via distributed simulation – A case study of the virtual test bed simulation system using the high level architecture
Erik Vick Ph.D. Spring Cannon-Bowers, Jan Implementing Lexical and Creative Intentionality in Synthetic Personality
Alpesh Makwana M.S. Summer Kincaid, J. Peter Integration of computer-based virtual check ride system – Pre-trip inspection in commercial driver license training program


Fall Summer Spring
Li Ding MS Christian Jerome MS Carl Anglesea MS
Jeanie Rebecca Dowell MS Jason Schwartz MS Jonathon Friskics MS
Eduardo Godoy MS     Gregory Honick MS
Osvaldo Magna MS     Karthik Narayanana Ramaswamy MS
Razia Nayeem MS     Brian Oakley MS
Sally Stader MS     Amith Paruchuri MS
Keri Vrancik MS     Sandro Scielzo MS
        Peter Smith MS

M&S Graduates of 2004

Graduate Program Semester Advisor Dissertation/Thesis Title
Brian Goldiez Ph.D. Fall Hancock, Peter Techniques for assessing and improving performance in navigation and wayfinding using mobile augmented reality
DhanashreeGadkari MS Fall Clarke, Thomas Image Quality Analysis Using GLCM
James Whitmire MS Spring Kincaid, J. Peter Tractor-Trailer Simulation and the Assessment of Training Scenarios for City-Driving Skill Building in the Area of Left and Right Turns
Harshal Sangani MS Summer Kincaid, J. Peter Effectiveness of Training Mental Rotation in a Virtual Environment


Fall Summer Spring
Dhanashree Gadkari MS Anusha Ravishankar MS Ed Atzenhoffer MS
Shawn Hammack MS Harshal Sangani MS Kelly Burke MS
Naveen Pinnama Reddy MS Jennifer Thropp MS Harriss Ganey MS
Luis Robledo MS     Adams Greenwood-Ericksen MS
Sergio Rosales MS     Jessica Helmick MS
Radhey Shah MS     John Holmquist MS
        Pratiksha Kadam MS
        John Neumann MS
        Jennifer Ross MS
        Hariharan Venkatachalapathy MS
        James Whitmire II MS

M&S Graduates of 2003


Fall Summer Spring
Kristy Bradley MS     John Millarer MS
Chaitanya Ramaram MS     Marcus Varnadore MS

M&S Graduates of 2002


Fall Summer Spring
Linda Upham MS     John Curley MS
Katherine Wilson MS     Michael Panko MS
        Amy Posey MS